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The company Rivali GmbH is one of the most prosperous European manufacturers of all-season premium engine lubricants. New and innovative lubricants are produced under the trade mark ARIAL, which already exceeding today the expectations of the near future regarding functionality, environmental compatibility and protective characteristics. If you looking only for the best, then ARIAL oil with excellent qualities and the most beneficial conditions is the best offer for your company.

Company development

The enterprise Rivali GmbH was founded in the year 2000 in Hamburg and concentrated at first on the sales of car lubricants and car spares. We looking for long-term business relations and target at the success of our partners. The professional management of the enterprise guarantees an actual cooperation with every customer, reacts quickly to his needs and demands. We arrange a flexible price policy as well as provide professional technical and advisory support and develop continuously our business activities. Despite the fierce international competition, it is profitable, safe and convenient to make business with our ARIAL lubricants.


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The lubricant technology

For the production of the oil, we use the hydrocracking synthesis technology. It is about the innovative class of the engine oils. The term “hydrocracking” explains, actually, already the important aspects of the production of these oils – splitting the heavy hydrocarbon molecules of the raw oil material in connection with hydrogen for the preservation of the base oils with the necessary qualities. During production of synthetic base oils from light hydrocarbon molecules, the necessary artificial molecules of the base oil will be synthesized together. With the production of hydrocrack oils the opposite happens. Hydrocrack oils are products of the oil distillation and the oil refining. The hydrocracking process removes all expendables and the inevitable characteristics are achieved with the help of additives. It protects against wear and tear even better than some synthetic oils.

When buying hydrocrack oil, the customer gets a product at the highest quality level, comparably with synthetic, however only from available natural raw materials according to purely ecological technologies. Therefore, the car manufacturers recommend during the last years quite often using HC oils, and the buyers voting with their pockets.

Feedback from our clients

Quality oil! Professional team!

I have been cooperating with this company for several years. I am very satisfied with the service and professionalism of the staff. I recommend them to everyone! Keep ahead ARIAL OIL!

Alexander Karpaloff / ITG Moscow, Russia